Please ignore and issues you notice with the rank stats unless it shows your personal total stats incorrectly let us know. The LMS software is working out bugs in ranking players and will be corrected soon. In the end the rank for our league will be determined as always by total points and no one will be allowed extra weeks played to make thiers unfairly high. The Reilly trophy will still be based on total scratch points.

Thanks and good luck to everyone going to Lincoln City!!

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Stats From Previous Years


Click the links below to view player statistics from previous sessions.


2009 9 Ball

2010 10-9 Ball

2011 10-9 Ball

2012 10-9 Ball

2013 10-9 Ball


2009-10 8 Ball

2010-11 8 Ball

2011-12 8 Ball

2012-13 8 Ball

2013-14 8 Ball